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I served in the US Army as a cipher/decipher electronics technician under MOS 32F20. I worked on encryption equipment used by top commanders including the president. It required a Top Secret clearance and my coworker and I were responsible for communications statewide in Alaska.

I am from a small town outside of St Louis, Missouri. I spent many years working for a food distribution company called Allen Foods. We sold anything related to food preparation - equipment, front and back of the house small wares, menu design, etc. Besides restaurants, I took care of hospitals, nursing homes, schools, summer camps, etc.

I was a salesman on the road and responsible for all sales within an ever changing territory. I attended a mandatory sales meeting once a month, and with few exceptions I never went to the office. I had complete control of my territory and was responsible for generating new business. I am very proud to add that as my tenure progressed I didn't need to look for new business. Business came to me through references. Customers knew I would treat them fairly and never take them for granted.

I have had a passion for Voice Over for many years but had not made it a reality until moving to the east coast. I attended Edge Studio in New York City for an introductory course and worked with several coaches to get a feel for the VOVA industry. I have an appreciation for my fellow voice actors that understand the fundamentals of joining this elite team. You have to 'earn your way into this business.'

Taking care of my customer base has been deeply rooted in my lifelong passion of providing top quality service. Since I am from the "Show Me" state, allow me to show you with an audition.

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Gary Lewis as a young Boy Scout in Missouri.